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Essential safety and protection equipment is not only recommended for the workplace but in most cases required under OSHA and similar laws. ERB Industries, Inc., an employee owned jobsite safety products company based in Georgia, understands not only these requirements but also the protective needs of professionals in construction, manufacturing, and industrial markets.

Including safety products protecting your head, eyes, face, hands, hearing, and breathing to traffic apparel, first aid items, and more, ERB's safety equipment meets or exceeds safety laws – and all at a competitive price. Ohio Power Tool also understands the importance of jobsite safety, and that's why we stock full lines of ERB safety and protection products:
  • ERB hard hats (assorted colors, hard hat liners, and bulk options available)
  • ERB safety glasses (glasses and goggles with assorted lens colors and anti-fog options)
  • ERB safety vests (hi-viz vests, non-ANSI and ANSI Class 2-3 available)
  • ERB safety jackets (hi-viz bomber-style and rain suit jackets, ANSI Class 2-3 available)
  • ERB rain gear (hi-viz ANSI Class 3 rain suit jacket and ANSI Class E rain suit pants)
  • ERB ear protection (foldable ear muffs and disposable ear plugs available)
  • ERB respirators (disposable and face respirators, filters, and gas/vapor cartridge replacements)
  • ERB safety gloves (cotton, knit, leather, PVC, latex-coated hi-viz, nitrile-dipped, and bulk work gloves)
  • ERB face protection (face shields, head gear, visors, and mounting accessories)
  • ERB first aid kits (10-100 person first aid kits)
Have a question about ERB safety products? Can't find the ERB safety glasses, ERB hard hat, or ERB safety vest you need? Want advice on the best safety and protection products for the job? The pros at Ohio Power Tool can help. Give us a call at 800-242-4424 for immediate assistance!