Dustless Technologies

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Dustless 12' Hose for Wet/Dry Vac 14251
Dustless 120v Small Slurry Vac Topper w 25' Hose H0901
Dustless 2.5 Gal HEPA BackPack Vacuum 48' Corded D1505
Dustless 6-7" CutBuddie Grinder Shroud with 18" Hose D1750
Dustless BitBuddie 1-3/8" Drill Dust Collector & Hose D1900
Dustless BitBuddie 1-4" Drill Dust Collector & Hose D1905
Dustless BitBuddie 4-8" Drill Dust Collector & Hose D1908
Dustless CutBuddie 4"-5" Grinder Vacuum Dust Guard D1730
Dustless Dual Wet/Dry Vac Kit 1.5" Hose DO014
Dustless DustBuddie 5" Grinder Vacuum Dust Guard D1835
Dustless DustBuddie 7" Grinder Vacuum Dust Guard D1850
Dustless DustBuddie Shroud for 12"-16" Concrete Gas Saws Plunge Cut D0084
Dustless DustBull & Universal Mounting Kit For Gas Powered Saws D1765
Dustless DustDroid 300 HEPA Vacuum Concrete H0030
Dustless Dustie 5" Grinder Vacuum Dust Guard D1836
Dustless Dustie 7" Grinder Vacuum Dust Guard D1854
Dustless Filter HEPA Bag EPA Sealable for D1505 Backpack (10 Pack) - D1504
Dustless Filter HEPA Bag EPA Sealable for D1505 Backpack (3 Pack) - D1503
Dustless Filter HEPA Bag Open for D1505 Backpack (10 Pack) D1501
Dustless HEPA Filter Bag Open for D1505 Backpack (3 Pack) D1500
Dustless HEPA Filter Replacement 13201
Dustless HEPA Head w/Beater Bar LEAD EPA Required 13242
Dustless HEPA Wet+Dry Shop Vacuum D1606
Dustless HepaPack Replacement Filters 3 Pack 15521
Dustless Micro Pre-Filter Bags .5 microns (2 Pack) 13141
Dustless Slurry Pro Industrial Vacuum System H0904
Dustless Technologies CutBuddie 9" Grinder Vacuum Dust Guard D1848
Dustless Turbo Drywall Sander with 7' Pole 50001
Dustless Wet/Dry Fabric Filters Primary & Secondary 13001
Dustless DustDroid 600 Dustless Pro Industrial Vacuum H0601
A leader in dustless tools since 1983, Dustless Technologies manufactures high-quality wet/dry dustless vacuums, dust shrouds, dustless jobsite tools, and dustless equipment accessories. It was the spirit of problem-solving upon which the founder of the company, Mike Loveless, created the first dustless product. This same spirit still exists today, as Dustless Technologies continues to refine their existing dustless tools while innovating the next wave of dust-free and dust-reduction solutions.

Ohio Power Tool is proud to carry an extensive selection of dustless tools from Dustless Technologies. Improving work efficiency and safety at jobsites far and wide, available dust reduction equipment includes the following:
  • Dustless vacuums
    • Including ash, backpack, industrial, slurry, wet/dry, and HEPA vacuums, Dustless Technologies' dustless vacs meet and/or exceed EPA guidelines for lead paint removal.
  • Dust shrouds
    • Dust shrouds from Dustless Technologies facilitate dust reduction for dustless cutting, dustless drilling, dustless grinding, dustless floor refinishing, and dustless sanding.
  • Dustless equipment
    • Dustless Technologies also manufactures dustless sanding and scraping tools, so get your next dustless drywall sander or scraping tool today.
  • Dustless parts and accessories
    • From dust guards, dust collectors, and dustless HEPA heads to HEPA filters, hoses, and more, Dustless Technologies has everything you need to keep the air debris-free.
Have a question about dustless equipment from Dustless Technologies? Can't find the dustless tools you need for your project or jobsite? Want advice on which dust reduction tools to purchase? Call the pros at Ohio Power Tool at 800-242-4424 for immediate assistance!