CS Unitec Magnetic Drills

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Designed for continuous operation in a variety of environments and for a number of cutting/drilling applications, CS Unitec portable magnetic drills are ideal for metal drilling. CS Unitec mag drills offer the most power and portability, when compared to competitors' products, with unrivaled performance that can cut holes up to 5-1/8" wide (with compatible annular cutters) and drill holes up to 1-1/2" wide (with compatible bits).

All drills are designed for heavy duty use in demanding industries, like construction and fabrication (and similar). Thanks to some of the best power-to-weight ratios, dual-coil magnets, cutting/drilling capacities, and speed options (single, dual, variable) on the market today, CS Unitec magnetic drills will help you make quick, quality work of your next metal cutting and drilling job.

CS Unitec Mag Drills Available Now

Ohio Power Tool is proud to carry an extensive selection of CS Unitec magnetic drills and mag drill parts from the following CS Unitec product lines:

  • CS Unitec AB Series Magnetic Drills (Pneumatic) - Portable air-powered mag drills  that are ATEX-certified and capable of cutting holes up to 2-1/16" and drilling holes up to 5/8".
  • CS Unitec CSU Series Magnetic Drills (Electric) - Heavier duty than the classic MAB and MABasic  lines, these reliable electric mag drills can cut holes up to 4" and drill holes up to 1-1/14".
  • CS Unitec HB Series Magnetic Drills (Hydraulic) - Portable hydraulic-powered mag drills that are underwater-capable, cut holes up to 2-1/16", and drill holes up to 1/2".
  • CS Unitec MAB Series Magnetic Drills (Electric) - The flagship line of CS Unitec mag drills, the MAB series has 22 electric-powered models that can cut holes up to 5-1/8" and drill holes up to 1-1/2".
  • CS Unitec MABasic Series Magnetic Drills (Electric) - Focusing on the essentials of performance and reliability, this line is a lite MAB series capable of cutting holes up to 3" and drilling holes up to 1-1/4".

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