Simpson Strong-Tie

With roots dating back to 1956, Simpson Strong-Tie is one of the top brands in the world for concrete anchoring products. The company earned its spot by producing industry-leading structural products that forwarded their mission to "help people build safer and stronger homes and buildings". Simpson Strong-Tie's commitment to quality and effectiveness still rings true today within their lines of connectors, fastening systems, lateral systems, anchoring systems, and repair/protection/strengthening systems.

As building codes continue to become tighter, Simpson Strong-Tie remains ahead of the curve with ICC-ES Cracked Concrete-specific adhesive and mechanical anchors that meet code ahead of the competition. Some of their most popular, trademarked, and additional products include AT-XP, SET-XP, ET-XP, Crack-Pac, Strong Bolt, Strong Bolt 2, Titan HD, Wedge-All, Sleeve-All, and Blue Banger Hanger – just to name a few. On the screw and nail fastening side, the acquisition of Quik Drive makes Simpson a very strong player in this type of fastening as well.  

Given their proven expertise, Ohio Power Tool is proud to offer an extensive selection of Simpson Strong-Tie products:
  • Simpson Strong-Tie screws
    • These Simpson Strong-Tie collated screws – including sheathing-to-CFS screws, wood screws, connector screws, drywall screws, subfloor screws, wood-to-CFS screws, roofing tile screws, and more – are used as part of the Quik Drive system.
  • Simpson Strong-Tie fasteners
    • From gas-actuated concrete nailers, bulk pins, and fuel cells to conduit clips, rod hangers, and more, Simpson Strong-Tie hangers and fasteners will help you pin various materials together (wood, metal, concrete, etc.).
  • Simpson Strong-Tie mechanical anchors
    • No matter if you're looking for drop-in anchors, crimp anchors, sleeve-all anchors, wedge anchors, self-threading screw anchors, threaded rod anchors, or masonry screws, Ohio Power Tool has you covered with reliable Simpson Strong-Tie mechanical anchors.
  • Simpson Strong-Tie adhesive anchors
  • Simpson Strong-Tie Quik Drive system
    • The Quik Drive system unsurprisingly helps pros like you quickly knock out any number of fastening jobs. Find everything from screw driving systems for drywall fastening to wood-to-steel systems and more.
Have questions about Simpson Strong-Tie products? Can't find the Simpson Strong-Tie connectors, fasteners, or screws you need? Want advice on the right Simpson Strong-Tie hangers for the job? The pros at Ohio Power Tool can help! Give us a call at 800-242-4424 today for immediate assistance.