FallTech Safety Anchors

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FallTech 12' Pass-Thru Anchor Sling 7373
FallTech 2' Pass-Thru Anchor Sling 7324
Falltech 2' Web Embed Anchor with Jacketed Loop and O-ring 7425
FallTech 2"-3" WireForm Anchor 7402
FallTech 3"-4" WireForm Anchor 7403
FallTech 4' Pass-Thru Anchor Sling 7348
Falltech 4' Web Embed Anchor with Dual Loops 7448L
Falltech 4' Web Embed Anchor with Jacketed Loop and O-ring 7448
FallTech 4"-5" WireForm Anchor 7407
FallTech 6' Pass-Thru Anchor Sling 7372
Falltech 6' Web Embed Anchor with Jacketed Loop and O-ring 7472
Falltech 8' Web Embed Anchor with Jacketed Loop and O-ring 7496
FallTech Beam Trolley 7710
FallTech Beam Trolley 7712
FallTech Bolt On D-Ring Anchor 7414
Falltech Cable Pass-through 10' 743810
Falltech Cable Pass-through 6' 7438
FallTech Concrete 10,000lb 1" RB Anchor 7441
FallTech Concrete 5,000lb 3/4" RB Anchor 7440
Falltech Deluxe Elevated Rotating SRD Roofing Anchor 7395C
Falltech D-Ring Anchor Bolt-On 7435
FallTech D-Ring Extender 8366C
FallTech Dual Ratcheting Beam Clamp 7530
Falltech Heavy Duty Beam Trolley 7711
FallTech Kevlar Choker Anchor Sling 7245
FallTech Parapet Wall Anchor 7460A
Falltech Permanent Roofing Anchor 7434
Falltech Permanent Truss Anchor Kit 7429SSK
Falltech Permanent Truss Anchor w/ Nails 7429SS
FallTech Permanent Use Roof Anchor 7431
Falltech Permanent Vertical Wall Anchor 7626
FallTech Re-Usable Roof Anchor 7410
FallTech Ringed Plate Anchor 7493B1
Falltech Roofing Chain Anchor 7493A
FallTech Rotating Bolt-on D-Ring Anchor 7393S
Falltech Rotating Elevated SRD Roofing Anchor 7395E
Falltech Rotating Multi-Use Anchor 7451AC
Falltech Rotating Multi-Use Anchor with Concrete Screw 7451A
Falltech Rotating Multi-Use Anchor with Expansion Screw 7451C
Falltech Single Ratcheting Beam Clamp 7531
Falltech Single-use Roof Anchor 7444
Falltech Single-Use Roof Anchor with Nails (10 Pack) 744410
FallTech SteelGrip Hex Bar Vertical Beam Anchor 12" 7535
Falltech Temporary Reusable Dual Truss-mount Anchor 7432
Falltech Temporary Steel Grip Anchor 7408
Falltech Temporary Toggle Anchor 7442
FallTech Trailing I-Beam Anchor 7538
Falltech Water-filled Counter-weight EcoAnchor 7433
FallTech Web 2' Choker Anchor Sling 7224
FallTech Web 3' Choker Anchor Sling 7236
Falltech Web Tower Choker with D-Ring 7214
FallTech Weld-on Rotating D-Ring Anchor 7393W
Falltech Window/Door Opening Anchor (21" to 51") 7465A
FallTech Single-Use Roof Anchor 7430
Falltech Trailing Beam Clamp 7533
Falltech is a leading manufacturer of fall protection products and offers a full line of products to assist workers in places where falls from high elevation are a concern. They manufacture high-rated harnesses and tie-downs that make fall prevention easy and effective, including their anchors that are made to industry-specific design and specifications. It is not always easy to find an anchor for a personal fall arrest system, but Falltech makes simple solutions for temporary or permanent anchoring applications. Falltech offers anchoring solutions for roofing, steel beam, and concrete making it easy to tie off in several environments. All Falltech products meet and exceed OSHA and ANSI standards.