Milwaukee Personal Lighting LED & Meters

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Milwaukee 30:1 Infrared/Contact Temp-Gun 2269-20
Milwaukee 350 Lumen Flood Light headlamp 2103
Milwaukee LED Aluminum Pen Light Alkaline 100-Lumen (AAA Batteries) 2105
Milwaukee Redlithium USB Charger & Portable Power Source 48-59-2012
Milwaukee Redlithium USB Charger & Portable Power Source Kit 48-59-2013
Milwaukee Spot/Flood Headlamp 2104
Milwaukee USB Rechargeable Beacon Hard Hat Light 2116-21
Milwaukee USB Rechargeable Low-Profile Headlamp 2115-21
Milwaukee 325L Focusing Flashlight Flash Light 325 Lumen (AAA Batteries) 2107
Milwaukee 325L Focusing Flashlight Flash Light & Holder 325 Lumens (AAA Batteries) 2107S
Milwaukee Redlithium USB Flashlight LED Work Light 700-Lumen IP67 2110-21
Milwaukee Rover Magnetic Flood Light 300 Lumens (AA Batteries) 2108
Milwaukee Redlithium USB Rover LED Pocket Flood Light 445 Lumen 2112-21
Milwaukee RedLithium USB Rover Pivoting Flood Light 550 Lumens 2114-21
Milwaukee Redlithium USB Hard Hat LED Headlamp Light 475-Lumen 2111-21
Milwaukee RedLithium USB Pivoting Flashlight 500 Lumens 2113-21
Milwaukee RedLithium USB Utility Hot Stick Light 350 Lumens 2119-22
Milwaukee REDLITHIUM USB Battery and Charger 48-59-2003
Milwaukee Redlithium USB Charger 48-59-2002
Milwaukee Redlithium USB Battery Pack 48-11-2130
Milwaukee 102 x 77 Spot Infrared 56:1 Imager 2257-20
Milwaukee Laser Temp-Gun 10:1 Infrared Thermometer 2267-20
Milwaukee Voltage Detector 50-1000V AC & LED Light 2202-20
Milwaukee Voltage Detector Dual Range 10-1000V AC & LED Light 2203-20
Milwaukee Tool recently added a wide range of measuring and detecting tools aimed at electricians and HVAC technicians. These tools include clamp meters, fork meters, voltage detectors, laser guns and much more. The tools are available as part of the M12 cordless line or for us with traditional alkaline batteries. If you are interested in these tools as part of the Milwaukee M12 line please select the other category.