Milwaukee Temporary Lighting

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Milwaukee Tool has mad huge leaps forward in LED lighting for the jobsite. Until recently most of their attention has been directed at the M12 and M18 cordless lighting solutions however there are now several options for jobsite temporary lighting. High Bay or Low Bay lighting with up to 15,000 lumens per light! The TRUEVIEW light output featured on all Milwaukee LED lights, is a more natural true color that will allow better, safer working conditions where everyone can identify colors and markings as intended. Metal Halide or low cost LEDs can put out colors way further in Blue or Red spectrum and make accurate identification of wires, cans, tags or other materials much harder. With higher upfront costs these Milwaukee LED lights do come with a little sticker however there is saving of 60%-80% for energy usage, as well as no maintenance, less labor on pre-fab and completely reusable on job after job for many years to follow. For help in setting up a jobsite or determining the right amount of light coverage give the experts a call 800-242-4424!