Exact Pipe Cutting

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The Exact system

Innovations that render pipe handling effortless, accurate and fast

Over the last ten years, Exact has developed a number of modern tools for pipe cutting, finishing and processing. Innovative products from Exact raise the pipe working efficiency to an entirely new level.

2003 Orbitalum Tools GmbH (former Georg Fischer RVT) contacted Exact and asked if could we produce our product under their +GF+ brand. Our first private label deal was done.

2004 T-Drill Oy contacted us and asked for private label products. Second private label deal with T-Drill Oy / T-Drill inc.

2005 Asada Corporation visited our office in Helsinki and asked for private label products for Japanese markets. Third private label deal with Asada Corporation.

2006 Rothenberger Spain office contacted us. Fourth private label deal with Rothenberger Group.

2007 Fifth private label deal with Victaulic Europe.

2009-2010 Global recession began. Exact Tools Oy was facing the fact that the sales of big private label customers does not grow anymore. Exact Tools Oy made a decision to start new strategy in sales.

2012 Exact gives up private label customers (except Asada Corporation) and focuses in developing and marketing Exact brand.