Milwaukee Vacuums & Dust Extraction

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Milwaukee Tool has been very focused on professional construction trades with electricians, plumbers, HVAC, contractors and of course many other trades that work with concrete. The creation of silica dust is a serious concern and as of September 23rd, 2017 OSHA has put into effect some clear standards for cutting, grinding, breaking, drilling and anything to do with working around concrete. There are 3 main ways to be compliant with these standards, Table 1 which OSHA published for many common jobs, objective data testing which the tool manufacturers and/or other trade organizations put together, and finally companies can do their own testing. The first two options are going to be the most popular and Milwaukee Tool either meets Table 1 and/or provides objective data testing for all their solutions. That includes their cordless dust solutions such as the M12 HammerVacs or M18 SDS-Plus Hammers with Vacs 2712-22DE and 2715-22DE as well.