PIP - Protective Industrial Products

About PIP
Protective Industrial Products has been an independently owned supplier of consumable personal protective equipment (PPE) to industrial distribution for over 30 years. We constantly strive to build our product line with the value proposition of quality, integrity and safety. Our products have been designed and rigorously tested with the utmost safety in mind and we are highly confident in the ability of our products to perform well "at work" and beyond.
  • Industrial - Whether we're talking about a machinist, boilermaker, welder or technician PIP knows how important it is to have the right safety equipment. 
  • Construction - Being on a job site is a dangerous place and that's where we come in. PIP has the right gear that's comfortable to wear and meets todays demanding safety requirements.
  • Electrical Safety - The regulations on electrical safety have changed dramatically over the last few years and still many are not clear as to the extent. Enter PIP with an impressive lineup of products that include gloves, garments and tools
  • Emergency Responders - Emergency Responders need a whole different type of safety. That's because no one does what they do every day. Whether it's running into a blazing building, suspending off the side of a building or methodically triaging people at an accident scene, PIP and its Emergency Responder distributors are there, in the background, making sure you have what you need.
  • Food Service - Complex, busy and fast-paced. That's today food related industry. PIP and its distributor-partners pay very strong attention to this market and its special needs.
  • Critical Environments - Not all work environments are plaids and hard hats. Some work environments are about specialty safety needs. Keeping the dirt out, keeping a safe zone or protecting your body from extreme cold, heat or pathogens. Enter PIP Critical Environment products. Whether it is gloves, aprons or matting, we've got them covered.