Save Phace Welding Masks

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If you are looking for the world's best Face Shields, Face Mask, Safety Mask, Welding Helmets, Paintball Mask, Air Soft Mask, Military Training Mask, Boating Mask, Sport Utility Mask for ATV's, Boats, Motorcycles, Sand Rails, Snow boarding, Snow Skiing, Snow Mobiling, you have come to the right place. Save Phace is dedicated to providing the highest quality face protection for nearly any application the would require it, and gaurantees you'll have the coolest looking mask in the shop.
  • EFP Series
    • The Save Phace EFP (Extreme Face Protection) Series is the only welding mask in the world with 180° lens for full peripheral vision. It also features an Auto-Darkening Filter and can be used as a grinding mask or splash guard by simply replacing the welding lens with a clear one.
  • RFP Series
    • The Save Phace RFP (Radical Face Protection) Series features the worlds largest viewing area of over 40 sq. inches along with 180° peripheral vision. The RFP Series features a 4" x 4" Auto-Darkening Filter along with comfortable face forming design that allows for easy access in tight places. It also features a quick and easy lens change system and multi point quick adjust head strap.
  • Down n' Dirty Series
    • This high quality (old school) Helmet features either Internal 4/9-13 ADF Adjustments on the I Series (Bubba) or External 4/9-13 ADF Adjustments on the E Series (Cletus). Both come with Sensitivity, Shade and Grind Mode Controls and Low Battery Indicator light to let you know when the Battery is running low. 
Have any questions about our Save Phace Welding Masks? If you need any help deciding which mask is right for you (or which Marvel mask we like best) don't hesitate to give the pros at Ohio Power Tool a call at 800-242-4424 today!