RIDGID Handheld Inspection Equipment

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RIDGID is one of the most trusted names in the industry, when it comes to detection, inspection, and location. From magnetic locators and gas detectors to laser thermometers and inspection cameras, RIDGID handheld inspection tools are tough to beat in quality, accuracy, and durability.

Ohio Power Tool offers an extensive selection of RIDGID handheld inspection and detection tools:

  • RIDGID Magnetic Locators
    • Need to quickly locate buried iron or steel components (like valve boxes, pipes, steel enclosures, reinforced septic tanks, survey pins, etc.)? Then turn to the rugged yet ergonomically designed RIDGID magnetic locator. This highly sensitive detection tool has everything you need to get the job done right, including audio/visual feedback and an innovative anti-interference feature that reduces inaccuracies related to nearby metal objects (like cars, fences, and similar).
  • RIDGID Combustible Gas Detectors
    • Working on a jobsite or inspecting an area with the potential for combustible gas? Reduce the threat of spark-induced combustion and ensure the safety of your workers with a RIDGID combustible gas detector. This comfortable-to-handle, easy-to use, and tough-to-bust detection device comes with a number of built-in features that make it an industry leader. Visual, audible, and vibration alerts are fully adjustable (as well as the sensitivity settings for each) to ensure no risk goes unnoticed. But what about testing confined or hard-to-reach spaces? The flexible 16-inch probe makes quick work of those.
  • RIDGID Infrared Laser Thermometers
    • Need to inspect surface temperatures on your jobsite? There's nothing easier than the RIDGID infrared laser thermometer to get the job done both quickly and accurately. Dual laser technology allows you to easily identify the surface area being measured, a 30-to-1 distance-to-spot ratio allows you to take more accurate measurements from further away, and adjustable IR emission settings allow you to inspect almost any surface type. And if you've been tasked with tracking temperatures over time, you'll be happy to know RIDGID laser thermometers are fully tripod-capable.
  • RIDGID Inspection Cameras & Accessories
    • The RIDGID Seesnake Micro and Seesnake MicroExplorer lines offer some of the best handheld inspection cameras available today. The Micro is very economically priced and perfect for any DIYer or tradesman who needs to see in walls, down pipes, or around engines. The RIDGID MicroExplorer offers some advanced features, including recording capabilities (images/video) and digital self leveling. This makes the MicroExplorer perfect for plumbing and HVAC professionals who want to show the customer what's wrong. This adds a level of professionalism and comfort for clients previously not possible.

Have a question about RIDGID handheld inspection and detection equipment? Can't find the RIDGID magentic locator, video inspection camera, combustible gas detector, or infrared laser thermometer you need? Want advice on which RIDGID handheld inspection tools are right for your job? Searching for other RIDGID tools and accessories? The pros at Ohio Power Tool can help. Give us a call at 800-242-4424 today for immediate assistance.