SPX High Cycle Torque Wrenches TWHC

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Power Team High Cycle Torque Wrenches are designed with high cycle applications and are made to last up to 3 times longer than other models. Corrosion resistant materials and simple drive assemblies allow for ease of use in harsh applications. High cycle torque wrenches are capable of dealing out 53,000 foot pounds at 10,000 psi while maintaining a manageable weight and compact size. Push-button release and a variety of safety features also enhance the usability and safety of high cycle wrenches.

The Power Team Predator line of hydraulic torque wrenches are serious tools capable of putting out up to 28,800 foot pounds of torque on hex bolts as large as 6-1/8". Because of the power of these tools they are often only used in large structural applications, such as the construction of wind turbines or roller coasters. The Predator series is accompanied by a new generation of torque wrench pump capable of a much higher flow rate and automatic cycle operation, both of which result in much more productivity for the end user. These TW pumps are not built for the heavy lifting applications that most other Power Team Electric Hydraulic pumps are built for as they valves are not designed for load holding. They can be run continuously, and also feature low amperage operation and low sound level.

Power Team hydraulic torque wrenches are available in traditional square drive formats that would utilize a socket, and also low clearance models. The Low clearance torque wrenches features more efficient and faster operation in an envelope sized tool that is about 2/3 the size of traditional aluminum wrenches. This allows the tool to be used in low clearance and limited access situations. While comparable in weight, these tools do not utilize a socket or square drive, and instead must be purchased with "links" for each size nut that must be torqued.

Ohio Power Tool sells a wide range of hydraulic equipment, including the Predator Torque Wrench, Electric Pumps, and all the nec3essary high torque sockets ad links. Typically, configuring a hydraulic system of any size or type is going to take a certain level of professional expertise. Feel free to give the professionals at Ohio Power Tool a call with any questions you may have about hydraulic torque wrenches, hydraulic circuits, or cylinders, pumps, and manifolds.