Milwaukee M18 SDS-Plus & SDS-MAX Hammer Drills

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Milwaukee M18 and M18 FUEL rotary hammer drills hit hard and fast and have the strength to last all day. Their lightweight construction and compact design provide for comfortable and easy working in tight quarters or overhead spaces while reducing fatigue. For Milwaukee M18 FUEL hammer drills, POWERSTATE brushless motors pack 3.3 ft-lbs of impact energy, 0-1,350 RPM and 0-5,000 BPM. And with the help of a REDLITHIUM battery pack, you have yourself a cordless tool that will last all day on a single charge. Milwaukee REDLINK PLUS Intelligence also provides the capability for system-wide communication through your cordless tools, batteries, and chargers to protect your tools from overload, overheating, and over-discharging.

Several models of Milwaukee M18 and M18 FUEL rotary hammers also come equipped with added product features for added versatility, durability, and comfort:

  • Multi-mode Operation Toggle - This switch allow you to operate the tool as a rotary hammer, hammer only, or drill (rotation only).
  • Mechanical Clutch - When the bit binds, the heavy duty mechanical clutch will protect the motor from damage and ensure lasting performance.
  • Vibration Protection - The anti-vibration system on M18 and M18 FUEL rotary hammers minimizes fatigue during extended operation.

Ohio Power Tool is proud to carry an extensive selection of Milwaukee M18 and M18 FUEL rotary hammer drills, kits, and accessories:

  • Milwaukee M18 & M18 FUEL Hammer Drills
    • Offering nearly unrivaled performance and reliability, SDS-Plus and SDS-Max M18 and M18 FUEL rotary hammers can handle carbide bits up to 1-9/16" and core bits up to 3".
  • Milwaukee M18 & M18 FUEL Hammer Drill Kits
    • To hit the ground running as quickly as possible, Milwaukee cordless rotary hammer kits (M18 or M18 FUEL) provide you with tool/battery combos or sets including a tool, battery, charger, and case.
  • Milwaukee HAMMERVAC Dust Extractors
    • When you combine any M18 or M18 FUEL rotary hammer with a Milwaukee HAMMERVAC dust extractor, you will eliminate all airborne particles down to 0.3 nanometers in size.

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