Hilman Rollers OTB, NTB, TB Style Rollers 5-75 Tons

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Hilman is a name to know when it comes to rollers and dollies. Their low profile, high-capacity rollers are specifically manufactured for a multitude of rolling applications. The OTB/NTB/TB Series Rollers are a standard design basic roller that can be used for permanent or semi-permanent applications. They are very similar to the OT/NT/T Series Rollers, only differing in having end-block attachments that allow for attaching an external guidance system, primarily the Hilman Accu-Roll. They also allow for interchangeable guidance systems. OTB Rollers have oversized (wide) top plates, NTB rollers have narrow (long) top plates, and TB Rollers have standard sized top plates. If you our interested in any of the Hilman Rollers we offer, dont hesitate to call us at 800-242-4424 so our experienced team can help you find the right rollers.