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Milwaukee M18 tools are build for the professional trades of plumbing, mechanical, hvac, electricians, mechanics, construction, MRO and many more. Whether it be the M18 FUEL brushless tools or the standard M18 brushed motors Milwaukee continues to reinvest in this cordless line up to build tools that can stand up to pro users, of course it's not surprise many prefer to use the Milwaukee M18 at home as well.

Milwaukee M18 FUEL, Red Lithium, ForceLogic and now One-Key Bluetooth are just some of the advancements being made in this unified platform. From Sawzalls to bandsaws, SDS-Plus Rotary hamemr, first ever SDS-MAX cordless hammer, to ForceLogic Press tools, crimping, ProPex to a jigsaw or compact drill/driver. The M18 cordless lineup goes very deep to provide a wide range of options to pros and diy users.

Milwaukee M18 One-Key bluetooth connectivity has been added to some cordless tools already with more on the way. This looks to change the way we use cordless tools with abilty to changge the power output and speed from our smart phones, to reporting on tool performance to tracking inventory of where each tools is and who used it last. The One-Key platform uses bluetooth but also had RFID built in for future advancements. What is to come next for One-Key, the possibilities are endless.