Simplex Steel Double Acting RDA Series

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Simplex RDA series double acting cylinders have a capacity range of 10 to 1000 with a  stroke range of 2 to 24 inches. Their maximum operating pressure is 10,000 psi. Collar threads are designed for a full load in the 10-200 ton cylinders. Simplex double acting RDA steel cylinders have a removable load cap for flexibility and safety. They have stop rings for piston blow out protection. Their plated piston resists scoring and corrosion, and large bearings resist side load. The rod wiper protects the inner cylinder from dirt. 200 ton + cylinders have a thick bronze inlay on the inner diameter of the restraining nut to protect the piston rod, and on the piston flange to virtually eliminate scoring of the cylinder bore while offering the best protection against accidental side loading.