Revco Black Stallion

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Black Stallion, a brand under the Revco Industries umbrella, manufactures protective apparel and equipment for a number of applications. Including products for welding, oil and gas, and general industry professionals, as well as arc rated, cut resistant, impact resistant, hi-vis, winter, and high temperature gear, Revco Black Stallion takes pride in protecting trade professionals (and their materials and equipment).

Ohio Power Tool offers an extensive selection of Black Stallion safety products, including gear in each of the following categories:
  • Black Stallion gloves
    • Ohio Power Tool carries several Black Stallion work gloves, including Black Stallion welding gloves (like the popular Black Stallion TIG gloves), leather driving gloves, and cut resistant gloves. Find the Black Stallion gloves you need to keep your hands safe on the job.
  • Black Stallion Kevlar sleeves
    • Available in two different colors and rated ANSI cut level 4, these 18" Kevlar sleeves are made of form-fitting Kevlar knit and help protect your arms from sparks, heat, cuts, and abrasion. Get Black Stallion's flame-resistant Kevlar sleeves at Ohio Power Tool.
  • Black Stallion welding jackets
    • If you're in the market for hi-vis welding jackets, Black Stallion has a few options. Coming in lime green and made of thick 9-ounce cotton, these Black Stallion jackets will ensure your safety (in both flame resistance and visibility) on the jobsite.
  • Black Stallion welding protection
    • Once you've protected yourself with the products above, it's time to consider protecting others. For more demanding welding jobs, Ohio Power Tool stocks Black Stallion welding screens (6' by 8') and welding blankets.
Have questions about Revco Black Stallion products? Can't find the Black Stallion work gloves you need? Want advice on the best Black Stallion kevlar sleeves for the job? Rely on the knowledge of Ohio Power Tool! Give us a call today at 800-242-4424 for immediate assistance.