Jet JLH & JLP Manual Lever Hoists

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JET lever hoists combine a true industrial design with highly refined quality culminating in the last lever hoist you may ever need to purchase. The attention to detail in the design of this series is second to none. The drop forged, carbon steel hooks are quenched and tempered to increase strength and will slowly stretch to indicate an overload situation.
JET® JLH Series Lever Hoists incorporate safety, durability, and heavy duty construction for operation in severe industrial environments. The patented fused brake system reduces maintenance costs and limits downtime. The JET® JLH is available in ¼ ton to 9 ton capacities, with standard lifts of 5, 10, 15, and 20 feet (custom lifts available). Whether it’s inverted, vertical, horizontal, or any other load angle, the JET® JLH lever hoist is the solution for your heavy duty industrial needs.
JET Lever Hoists are available from ¼ ton to 9 ton capacities, with optional overload protection, and ship yard hooks. JET Lever Hoists are available with up to 20 feet of lift and can be ordered with custom lifts. Each JET Lever Hoist complies with OSHA and ANSI / ASME HST-3 Standards and are designed with industry first innovations.

OVERLOAD PROTECTION - JET's JLH Series lever hoist come standard with the slip clutch overload protection. This design prevents lifting or pulling damaging loads beyond the rated capacity of the hoist and is easily reset in the field by lowering the load.
IMPROVED FREE CHAINING - JET’s improved easy free chain design is a two-step, no load, free chaining system. The system permits quicker hoist positioning and take up of slack chain. And it is engineered not to free chain under load.
HANDLE DESIGN - The advanced offset handle design allows for extra clearance between the operator's hand and the load chain.
IMPROVED GRIP DESIGN - The improved ergonomic grip allows for greater operator control and increased comfort.
FUSED BRAKE DESIGN - JET’s revolutionary single-piece brake design fuses three components into the safest and most durable brake system in the market. JET is so confident of this design; it is backed by a lifetime replacement warranty.
HEAT-TREATED LOAD PLATES - Intended for the harshest environments, the heat treated load plates and case hardened corrosive resistant internal parts extend the life of the hoist.
CAST-STEEL SAFETY LATCHES - Secured with Allen screws and lock nuts, the cast-steel safety latches are more durable than stamped steel latches and will not bend out of compliance with lifting regulations.
ALLOY STEEL HOOKS - The alloy steel hooks rotate 360 degrees for easy rigging applications, and slowly stretch to indicate an overload situation.