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The SKILSAW brand, began with the invention of the circular saw in 1924. In the decades that followed, their Worm Drive SKILSAWS have been regarded as the jobsite standard by skilled tradesmen everywhere. With product lines ranging from circular saws to benchtop saws, 7 1/4"-12" saw blade sizes, and the capability to cut fiber cement, metal, and wood, SKILSAW circulaw saws are some of the most versatile, powerful, and reliable electric saws available today.

Ohio Power Tool carries an extensive selection of SKILSAW circular saws, from lightweight to heavy duty:
  • SKILSAW Worm Drive circular saws
    • Staying true to the company's roots, the majority of SKILSAW circular saws are manufactured with the legendary worm drive motor gearing and can handle wood and metal cutting jobs.
  • SKILSAW Sidewinder circular saws
    • Powered by SKILSAW's legendary dual-field motor (with magnesium housing options), these SKILSAW Sidewinders are 7 1/4" circular saws capable of wood and fiber cement cutting.
  • SKILSAW Sawsquatch circular saws
    • A circular saw almost too powerful to be believable, SKILSAW Sawsquatch saws are capable of cutting 4x cleanly and efficiently in a single pass with rugged 10 1/4" Diablo saw blades.

Have a question about a SKILSAW circular saw? Can't find the SKILSAW Worm Drive, Sidewinder, or Sawsquatch electric cutting tools you need? The pros at Ohio Power Tool have the answers you're looking for and can track down the SKILSAW that's right for the job! Give us a call at 800-242-4424 for immediate assistance.