Power Team SPX Double Acting Cylinders

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No matter the demands of your jobsite, SPX Power Team has the double-acting hydraulic cylinders to meet the needs of various lifting/jacking, pulling, and pressing applications. Unlike their single-acting counterparts which offer extension in one direction, Power Team's double-acting cylinders (from their R, RC, RD, RH, RSS, and RT lines) are capable of lines of multi-directional extension. In addition to this versatility, some Power Team SPX double-acting hydraulic cylinders also come with further capabilities, including spring-return, Power Tech piston rod treatment, low-height compatibility, and more.

Ohio Power Tool proudly carries several models from the in-demand Power Team RD product line. These rugged double-acting hydraulic cylinders are built to last and offer load capacities from 10-500 tons with stroke lengths of 6-28 inches.

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