Kett Shear Replacement Blades and Heads

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Need to find replacement blades or heads for your shear or nibbler? Did you know that Kett Tool's replacement shear blades, blade kits, and shear heads are made to work not only with Kett tools but also with most common electric shears from other manufacturers like Milwaukee, Dewalt, Makita, and many others? If you have an 18ga (#102), 16ga (#106) or 14ga (also #106) shear from one of these main companies chances are very good these made-in-the-USA Kett shear blades will work on your shear.

Ohio Power Tool carries an extensive selection of Kett replacement shear heads, shear blade kits, nibbler attachments, and more to help you reduce downtime and keep your project moving. Below are the specs for all available Kett replacement shear blades and heads:

  • Kett Shear Heads
    • Aluminum (up to 16 gauge)
    • Fiber-cement board (1/2-5/8" capacity)
    • Steel (up to 14-18 gauge)
  • Kett Replacement Shear Blade Kits
    • 14 and 16 gauge steel replacement blades
    • 18 gauge steel replacement blades
    • 1/2" and 5/8" fiber-cement replacement blades

Have a question about Kett shear blades, replacement blade kits, or shear heads? Can't find the Kett replacement blades you need? Want advice on which Kett replacement blade or head is right for your job (or for your shear)? Searching for other Kett tools and accessories? The pros at Ohio Power Tool can help! Give us a call at 800-242-4424 today for immediate assistance.