Simplex RJ Ratchet Jacks

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Simplex is a trusted name in the field of jacks, pumps, and cylinders with high-quality products - like the Simplex RJ Series of mechanical ratchet jacks - that showcase their expertise. Including multi-toothed pawls for added tool strength and operator safety, larger than average ratchet jack bases for added stability, components that are manufactured to last (thanks to alloy steel, drop-forging, and heat treatment), specially plated springs for added corrosion resistance, and double-lever sockets for added versatility (especially when using ratchet jacks in close quarters), the Simplex RJ Series ratchet jacks will help you get the job done safely, done on time, done on budget, and most importantly done right.

When it comes to mechanical ratchet jacks, Ohio Power Tool is proud to offer the full line of Simplex RJ Series ratchet jacks and accompanying steel lever bars to pros like you. The Simplex RJ Series boasts the following ranges of specifications:

  • Capacities: 5-20 tons
  • Strokes: 7-21.25 inches
  • Toe Heights: 1.62-2.25 inches
  • Uses: Lifting, positioning, utility pole jacking

As you can see, these Simplex ratchet jacks have large lifting and holding capacities, as well as heavy-duty components and housings, which make them the perfect universal positioning tools on any of today's jobsites. No matter your ratchet jack or utility pole jack needs, you'll find the equipment you need in the Simplex RJ Series.

Have a question about Simplex mechanical ratchet jacks? Can't find the Simplex ratchet jack you need? Want advice on the right Simplex ratchet jacks for your job? Searching for other Simplex lifting, pulling, and positioning equipment? The pros at Ohio Power Tool can help! Give us a call at 800-242-4424 today for immediate assistance.