Wheeler-Rex Pipe Hog PVC and ABS Fitting Reamer

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Pipe Hogs PVS / ABS fitting reamers from Wheeler Rex tools in Ashtabula, OH are a fantastic time and money saver for anyone who needs to make repairs on plastic pipe with solvent welded fittings. These handy little tools fit into a standard 1/2" drill chuck and quickly and accurately bore out the solvent welded fittings so the plastic pipe can be repaired. Designed for Schedule 40 pipe, these fitting reamers are available in a variety of sizes, including 1-1/2", 2", 3", and 4". There is also a pipe hog fitting reamer kit available that has multiple sizes of pipe hogs as well as the extension shaft and a carrying case. The Wheeler-Rex Pipe Hog is designed to pay for itself after one use. Get yours today at Ohio Power Tool.

Wheeler Manufacturing was established in 1957 with the invention of the chain type snap cutter for cast iron and clay tile pipes. It was a revolutionary tool which has since been adopted worldwide. This innovative product was followed by several other industry firsts, such as cutters for glass tube, power bevelers for PVC pipes, power torque wrenches for soil pipe couplings, shut off tools for copper and poly pipes, and sewer tapping machines. Today Wheeler-Rex sells worldwide with a wide variety of tools for the piping professional. In 1988, Wheeler became part of the Rex Industries family. Rex Industries produces the highest quality and largest variety of pipe threading machines in the world. Rex has been an industry leader for over 75 years and has developed advanced features such as through the die head oiling, auto open die heads, notch type quick adjustments, and ball detent die location. Their quality is backed up by the best warranty in the business. Ohio Power Tool is pround to be one of the authorized distributors in the USA for the quality line of Wheeler-Rex products. Whether you are looking for a fitting saver, plastic pipe cutter, valve exerciser, or a hydrostatic test pump, Ohio Power Tool is here to keep you on the job.