RIDGID Drain Cleaning Sectional & Drum Machines

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RIDGID brings you everything you need for drain cleaning, whether it's for small secondary lines or large line cleaning.  Their K-39 and K-40 for example, bring you a dual 2-way feed which allows you to keep your hands off the cable, making your job quicker and easier while leaving no mess afterwards.  The KJ Watter Jetters are compact and portable, these jetters push a highly flexible hose through drain lines as they blast through sludge and grease blockages. The hose then scrubs the line as you pull it back, cleaning and flushing away any debris and other materials that were preventing the lines from flowing smoothly and freely.  RIDGID's sink and drum machines have plenty of innovative features as well, there's no need to go anywhere else to find the right equipment for your drain cleaning jobs.