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Tape Measures, Measuring Wheels & Chalk Tools

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Bosch 120' Laser Range Finder GLM35
Bosch 165' Laser Range Finder GLM50C
Bosch 360 Laser with Cross Line, Self-Leveling GLL2-20
Bosch BLAZE 65' Laser Range Finder One Button GLM20
Bosch D-Tect 120 Spot Scanner Radar for Wood & Metal D-TECT 120
Bosch Self-Leveling 360° Exterior Laser Complete Kit GLL 150 ECK
CS Unitec Magnetic Drill 4" Reversible Variable Speed Swivel MAB845
Empire 16' Chrome Tape Measure 300-16
Empire 25' Chrome Tape Measure 300-25
Empire 30' Chrome Tape Measure 300-30
Milwaukee 100ft Closed Reel Long Tape 3/8” Blade 48-22-5101
Milwaukee 100ft Open Reel Long Tape 1/2” Blade 48-22-5201
Milwaukee 12" Measuring Wheel 48-22-5012
Milwaukee 16' Compact Tape Measure 48-22-6616
Milwaukee 16' Magnetic Tape Measure 48-22-7116
Milwaukee 25' Compact Tape Measure 48-22-6625
Milwaukee 25' Magnetic Tape Measure 2-Pack 48-22-7125G
Milwaukee 25' Magnetic Tape Measure with Free FASTBACK Knife 48-22-5125K
Milwaukee 30' Compact Tape Measure 48-22-6630
Milwaukee 30' Magnetic Tape Measure 48-22-7130
Milwaukee 300Ft Open Reel Long Tape 3/8" Blade 48-22-5230
Milwaukee 6" Measuring Wheel 48-22-5006
Empire 25' Power Grip Tape Measure Gray Rubber Boot 7526
Milwaukee 25' Magnetic Tape Measure 48-22-7125
Milwaukee 35' Magnetic Tape Measure 48-22-7135
Empire 100' Closed Case Measuring Tape 6699
Empire 100' Open Nylon-Clad Steel Measuring Tape 6710
Empire 300' Open Fiberglass Measuring Tape 6830
Rolatape 11-1/4" Single Measuring Wheel RT312
Bosch 3 Axis Laser, Self-Leveling GLL3-80
Bosch 3-Point Laser Dot Alignment, Self-Leveling GPL3
Bosch 5-Point Laser Alignment with Self Leveling GPL5
Bosch 825' Laser Range Finder Kit GLR825
Bosch Cross 5-Point Laser Alignment with Self Leveling GCL25
Bosch Dual Plane Laser, Self-Leveling GLL2-80
Bosch Line Laser Detector / Receiver LR2
Bosch Wall & Floor Covering Line Laser GTL3
Bosch 330' Bluetooth Laser Range Finder & Angle Measuring Kit GLM100C
Bosch D-Tect 150 Wall Scanner Radar for Wood & Metal D-TECT 150
Bosch Wall Scanner Wood & Metal GMS120
Milwaukee Clamp Meter 400 AMP AC Digital 2235-20
Milwaukee Clamp Meter Electrical 2237-20
Milwaukee Clamp Meter HVAC 2236-20
Milwaukee Digital Multimeter 2216-20
Milwaukee Digital Multimeter 2217-20
Milwaukee Fluorescent Light Tester 2210-20
Milwaukee Fork Meter Electrical 2205-20
Milwaukee Fork Meter HVAC 2206-20
Milwaukee Laser Temp-Gun Thermometer 2268-20
Milwaukee M12 Clamp-Gun Meter Electrical 2239-20 (Tool Only)
Milwaukee M12 Laser Temp-Gun Thermometer w/Humidity 2277-20 (Tool Only)
Milwaukee M12 Laser Temp-Gun Thermometer w/Humidity 2277-21
Milwaukee M12 Thermal Imager Camera (7.8K) 2258-21
Milwaukee Milliamp Clamp Meter 2231-20
Ohio Power Tools offers a wide selection of measuring tools from Milwaukee Tools, Bosch Power Tools and Irwin Tools.  We carry laser alignment tools, laser range finders, chalk reels, levels, clamp gun meters, measuring wheels and much more.