Flash Lights & Head Lamps

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Bosch 12V LED Work Light 330-Lumen FL12
Gearwrech 150 Lumen Ultra-Thin Flex Head 8" Work Light 83134
Gearwrench 12-1/2" Professional 500 Lumen Ultra-Thin Flex-Head Work Light 83135
Gearwrench 500 Lumen Rechargeable Work Light with Charging Station 83138
Ingersoll Rand IQV 12V LED 180 Lumens Task Light (Bare Tool) L1110
Ingersoll Rand IQv 20V Cordelss Light 180 Lumen (Bare Tool) L5110
Klein Clamping LED Work Light 56029
Klein LED 150 Lumens Headlamp with Strap for Hard Hat 56220
Klein LED 200 Lumen Rechargeable Auto-Off Headlamp 56034
Makita 18V LXT Lithium Ion Cordless LED Flashlight 160 Lumen DML802
Maxxeon Workstar 1000 Lightstik Rechargeable Slim Light 600 Lumens MXN01000
Maxxeon Workstar 310 LED Professional Inspection Penlight MXN00310
Maxxeon WorkStar 314 UV Leak Detection Penlight MXN00314
Maxxeon WorkStar 320 Pocket Pen light 170 Lumens MXN00320
Maxxeon Workstar 360 Rechargeable LED Penlight w/ Zoom MXN00360
Maxxeon WorkStar 364 UV Rechargable Leak Detection Penlight MXN00364
Maxxeon Workstar 420 Inspector MAXX Worklight & Pen Light 200 Lumens MXN004200
Maxxeon Workstar 630 Rechargeable Headlamp 700 Lumens MXN00630
Metabo SLA14.4-18 Cordless 14.4V/18V LED Work Light 440 Lumens 600370000
Metabo ULA14.4-18 Cordless 14.4V/18V LED Flashlight 280 Lumens 600368000
Milwaukee 325L Focusing Flashlight Flash Light 325 Lumen (AAA Batteries) 2107
Milwaukee 325L Focusing Flashlight Flash Light & Holder 325 Lumens (AAA Batteries) 2107S
Milwaukee 350 Lumen Flood Light headlamp 2103
Milwaukee LED Upgrade Flashlight Bulb Kit 49-81-0090
Milwaukee M12 LED Spot Light 700 Lumens 2353-20 (BARE TOOL)
Milwaukee M12 Led Stick Light 220 Lumens 2351-20 (BARE TOOL)
Milwaukee M18 LED Search Light 1250 Lumens 2354-20 (BARE TOOL)
Milwaukee M18 LED Work Light 160 Lumens 2735-20 (BARE TOOL)
Milwaukee M18 LED Work Light Stick 300 Lumens 2352-20 (BARE TOOL)
Milwaukee Redlithium USB Charger & Portable Power Source 48-59-2012
Milwaukee Redlithium USB Charger & Portable Power Source Kit 48-59-2013
Milwaukee Redlithium USB Flashlight LED Work Light 700-Lumen IP67 2110-21
Milwaukee Redlithium USB Hard Hat LED Headlamp Light 475-Lumen 2111-21
Milwaukee RedLithium USB Pivoting Flashlight 500 Lumens 2113-21
Milwaukee Redlithium USB Rover LED Pocket Flood Light 445 Lumen 2112-21
Milwaukee RedLithium USB Rover Pivoting Flood Light 550 Lumens 2114-21
Milwaukee RedLithium USB Utility Hot Stick Light 350 Lumens 2119-22
Milwaukee Rover Magnetic Flood Light 300 Lumens (AA Batteries) 2108
Milwaukee Spot/Flood Headlamp 2104
Milwaukee USB Rechargeable Beacon Hard Hat Light 2116-21
Milwaukee USB Rechargeable Low-Profile Headlamp 2115-21
Ohio Power Tool Adjustable Focus LED Flashlight 220-lumens NU-53
Makita 18V LXT Cordless LED Flashlight 240 Lumens (Bare Tool) DML801
Here you will find handheld lighting systems powered by battery systems from trusted brands you already use.