Air Compressors

Ohio Power Tool offers several choices when it comes to air compressors. There are 4 basic types of air compressors we offer electric, gas, rotary screw and pull behind jobsite compressors. The electric compressors are your typical shop compressors. Ingersoll Rand makes a great shop air compressor with several size options for tanks and motors. We also carry several IR gas air compressor options. These units are ideal for remote operation and can power the larger construction air tools we also sell. The rotary screw compressors from Chicago Pneumatic are electric shop compressors but they work a little different than the traditional shop compressors in that they create a continuous flow of air with constant pressure and they operate much quieter. The CP trailer air compressors provide up to 750 CFM (cubic feet minute) and can power almost any tools you are going to need on the jobsite.