Walk Behind/RIding Saws

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Diamond Products 14" Core Cut 11HP Honda CC1111HUXL-14 UpCut Walk-Behind Saw 5801020
Diamond Products 14" Core Cut EZ-Rider 74HP Kubota Diesel CC7874KT4 EZ Joint Cutting Saw 84156
Diamond Products 14" First-Cut Early Entry Saw 20HP Honda CC190PRO-EE Walk-Behind Saw 81211
Diamond Products 18" Core Cut 11HP Honda CC1211HXL-18 Concrete Walk-Behind Saw 32453
Diamond Products 20" Core Cut 11HP Honda CC1800HXL-20S Concrete Walk-Behind Saw 54541
Diamond Products 20" Core Cut 20HP Honda CC1820HXL-S Concrete Walk Behind Saw 53351
Diamond Products 20" Core Cut 7.5HP 480V Electric CC1507E-20 Concrete Basement Saw 19131
Diamond Products 20" Core Cut 71HP Kubota Diesel CC6571D-20 Concrete Walk-Behind Saw 55625
Diamond Products 26" Core Cut 22HP Honda CC2522H-26 Concrete Walk-Behind Saw 34013
Diamond Products 26" Core Cut 27HP Kohler CC2525KC-26 Concrete Walk-Behind Saw Hydraulic Lift 78816/6047997
Diamond Products 30" Core Cut 37HP Kohler CC3537JK-30 Concrete Walk-Behind Saw 25322
Diamond Products 36" Core Cut 71HP Kubota Diesel CC6571D-36 Concrete Walk-Behind Saw 41741
Diamond Products 36" Core Cut Curb Cutter 2000 100HP John Deere 100HP Concrete Ride-On Saw 82501
Diamond Products 42" Core Cut 71HP Kubota Diesel CC6571D-42 Concrete Walk-Behind Saw 55633
Diamond Products 54" Core Cut 74HP Kubota Diesel CC9074DK-54 Concrete Walk Behind Saw 46758
Diamond Products 6" First-Cut Early Entry 5.5HP Honda CC150HXL-EE6 Walk-Behind Saw 32739
Diamond Products Water Tank for CC 1200 Core Cut Saw 6049047
When making deep, long, repeated cuts in a concrete surface, there is really no replacement for a walk-behind or riding concrete saw. Ohio Power Tool is proud to carry the Diamond Products line of concrete walk behind and riding saws. These saws are often self propelled, and have large, powerful, gas or diesel engines to provide plenty of power to the blade for heavy duty concrete cutting applications. These saws can be used to cut rumble strips, curbs, expansion joints, or a variety of other cuts into concrete or asphalt materials.

Ohio Power Tool and Diamond products also work together to provide the diamond blades necessary for large saws such as these. If you have any questions about which blade would be right for your walk-behind or riding concrete/masonry saw, be sure to call Ohio Power Tool at 800-242-4424.