Tile, Block, and Masonry Saws

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Ohio Power Tool carries the well-known Bosch Tile Saw, as well as several professional grade tile and masonry saws from Diamond Products. The Bosch TC10 tile saw can be used wet, and is available both with and without a stand. The brick, block, masonry, and tile saws from Diamond Products come in gas powered and electric versions, especially useful to landscapers who may not have access to electricity on their jobsite. Block saws are configured like a typical electric chop saw, and come with the functionality that would allow block, bricks, and pavers to be cut into specific sizes and shapes for precise work.

Some block saws can be sued with either an abrasive wheel or diamond blade. Be sure you are using the right blade or wheel for both your masonry saw and your cutting application. Ohio Power Tool is proud to carry abrasive wheels for masonry chop saws, as well as diamond blades for cutting brick and block. Call a pro at 800-242-4424 if you have any questions about which blade is right for your application or masonry chop saw.