Handheld Concrete Saws

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CS Unitec 14" Concrete Hand-held Cut Off Saws CSH 135
CS Unitec 18" Concrete Hand-held Cut Off Saws CSH 160
CS Unitec Wet/Dry 7" Stone Cutting Saw EDS 181
Diamond Products C14PRO Core Cut 14" Electric Cut-off Saw 25 Amp 74267
Diamond Products Hydraulic 24" Hand Saw HS-24-15 80466
Diamond Products Hydraulic Flush Cut 24" Hand Saw HS-24-F-15 80458
Diamond Products Vaccum Skid Attachment for C14 Cut-Off Saw 6078496
Makita 14" MM4 Power Cutter Cut-Off Gas Saw 76cc 4-Stroke EK7651H
Makita 2.6 Gallon Pressurized Water Tank 988-394-610
Makita 5" Dry Masonry Saw with Dust Extraction 4100KB
Makita Dolly & Water Tank for EK7301 Saw DT2010
Makita MM2 14" Compact Power Cutter Cut-Off Gas Saw 61cc 2-Stroke EK6101
Makita MM2 14" Power Cutter Cut-Off Gas Saw 73cc 2-Stroke EK7301
Makita MM2 16" Power Cutter Cut-Off Gas Saw 81cc 2-Stroke EK8100
Milwaukee M18 FUEL Brushless Cordless 9" Cut-Off Saw W/ ONE-KEY 12Ah Kit 2786-22HD
Milwaukee M18 FUEL Brushless Cordless 9" Cut-Off Saw W/ ONE-KEY, (Bare Tool) 2786-20
Milwaukee MX FUEL 14" Cut-Off Saw ONE-KEY MXF314-1XC
Sawshoe 400 Package (Fits the Stihl TS400) - 400
Sawshoe 410 Package (Fits the Stihl TS410 TS420 & TS500) - 410
Sawshoe 700 Package (Fits the Stihl TS700) - 700
Sawshoe 760 Package (Fits the Husqvarna K760) - 760
Sawshoe 800 Package (Fits the Stihl TS800) - 800
Sawshoe 970 Package (Fits the Husqvarna K970) - 970
Skilsaw 16-5/16" Super SAWSQUATCH Magnesium Worm Drive Circular Saw SPT70V-11
Skilsaw 7" Medusaw Walk Behind Worm Drive for Concrete SPT79A-10
Stihl 16" Rock Boss Concrete Chainsaw 76.5cc GS-461
Stihl Cutquik 9" 36v Cordless Cut-Off Saw (BareTool) TSA-230
Stihl TS 440 Cutquik 14" Gas Powered Cut-off Saw Wheel Brake 66.7cc TS-440
Stihl TS 500i Cutquik 14" Electronic Fuel-Injection Cut-Off Saw 72.2cc TS 500i
Ohio Power Tool carries handheld Concrete and Masonry Saws from manufacturers such as Makita, Bosch, Diamond Products, and Chicago Pneumatic. These cut off saws are available in a variety of different blade sizes for different concrete cutting capacities, as well as air powered, electric, hydraulic and gas cut off saws with two-stroke or four-stroke engines. Some of these saws can accomdate up to a 24" blade, but 16" and 14" cut off saws are much more popular and commonplace. Ohio Power Tool even carries the Dragon diamond ring saw, capable of 18" deep cuts in reinforced, poured concrete.

When using a cut off saw it is important to have the right diamond blade, which Ohio Power Tool is also proud to carry. If you have any questions about which Diamond Blade is right for your applicaiton, call us at 800-242-4424.