Cordless Lighting

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Bosch 12V LED Work Light 330-Lumen FL12
Bosch 12V Max LED Worklight (Bare Tool) GLI12V-300N
Bosch 18V LED 1900 Lumen Floodlight (Bare Tool) GLI18V-1900N
Bosch 18V LED Work Light (Bare Tool) GLI18V-420B
Ingersoll Rand IQV 12V LED 180 Lumens Task Light (Bare Tool) L1110
Ingersoll Rand IQv 20V Cordelss Light 180 Lumen (Bare Tool) L5110
Makita 18V LXT Cordless LED Lantern Flashlight 620 Lumens (Tool Only) DML806
Makita 18V LXT Lithium Ion Cordless LED Flashlight 160 Lumen DML802
Maxxeon Workstar 630 Rechargeable Headlamp 700 Lumens MXN00630
Metabo 12V PowerMaxx LED Flashlight bare ULA 12 LED (Bare Tool) 600788000
Metabo 12V PowerMaxx USB Adapter LED Light bare PA 12 LED-USB (Bare Tool) 600298000
Metabo BSA14.4-18 Cordless 18V Lithium Ion LED Site Lamp (Bare Tool) 602111850
Metabo SLA14.4-18 Cordless 14.4V/18V LED Work Light 440 Lumens 600370000
Metabo ULA14.4-18 Cordless 14.4V/18V LED Flashlight 280 Lumens 600368000
Milwaukee LED Aluminum Pen Light Alkaline 100-Lumen (AAA Batteries) 2105
Milwaukee M12 Led Stick Light 220 Lumens 2351-20 (BARE TOOL)
Milwaukee M12 ROVER LED Compact Flood Light 1000 Lumens 2364-20 (BARE TOOL)
Milwaukee M12 ROVER Service & Repair Flood Light w/ USB Charging 2367-20
Milwaukee M18 LED Lantern 700 Lumens 2363-20 (BARE TOOL)
Milwaukee M18 LED Search Light 1250 Lumens 2354-20 (BARE TOOL)
Milwaukee M18 LED Utility Bucket Light 2500 Lumens IP56 2122-20 (BARE TOOL)
Milwaukee M18 LED Work Light 160 Lumens 2735-20 (BARE TOOL)
Milwaukee M18 LED Work Light Stick 300 Lumens 2352-20 (BARE TOOL)
Milwaukee M18 RADIUS LED Site Light 4400 Lumens 2145-20 (BARE TOOL)
Milwaukee M18 RADIUS LED Site Light 4400 Lumens ONE-KEY 2146-20 (BARE TOOL)
Milwaukee M18 RADIUS Site Light 9000 Lumens ONE-KEY 2150-20 (BARE TOOL)
Milwaukee M18 Red Lithium 3.0Ah XC Battery 48-11-1828
Milwaukee M18 ROCKET LED Dual Pack Tower Light w/One Key 5400 Lumens IP67 2120-20 (BARE TOOL)
Milwaukee M18 Rocket LED Dual Power Tower Light 2500 Lumen 2131-20 (Bare Tool)
Milwaukee M18 Rover LED Flood Light 1300 Lumens 2361-20 (BARE TOOL)
Milwaukee M18 ROVER LED Mounting Flood Light 1500 Lumens 2365-20 (BARE TOOL)
Ohio Power Tool sells a variety of lights to brighten up your workspace without the hassle of extension cords and positioning. The work lights that we carry are lighter weight, have pivoting head, long battery life, battery protection and non-slip grips. We offer lights from Milwaukee, Makita, Bosch, and Ingersoll Rand.