Annular Cutters & Rotabroach Bits - Metal

Ohio Power Tool carries annular cutters, metal hole saws, and metal hole saw kits from brands like Bosch, CS Unitec, Hougen, and Milwaukee. Every product carries with it its own unique set of features. For example, Bosch's carbide hole saw kit has diamond-ground carbide teeth, making them extremely powerful and durable. Additionally, Milwaukee's ice-hardened hole saws last an extremely long time because of their proprietary cryogenic hardening process which hardens the metal more consistently throughout the full bit.

From annular cutters to metal hole saw kits and everything in between, Ohio Power Tool is your source for metal cutting bits:

  • Annular Cutters for Metal
    • Available in depths ranging from 0.25" metal hole cutters up to 6" annular cutters (and 25-75mm), materials ranging from high-speed steel (HSS) to carbide integrated steel, and bits specific to sheet metal, find the metal annular cutters you need today.
  • Hole Saws for Metal
    • Including thin metal hole saws, threaded steel hole saws, carbide hole haws, and metal hole saw kits, Ohio Power Tool has all of the metal hole saws you need for material betwee 5/8-6" thick.
  • Industrial Rotabroach Bits for Metal
    • Designed for use in smaller, lower-HP machines, these metal cutting bits can create holes over 3" in diameter and handle up to 3" thick material.
  • Track Rail Cutters for Metal
    • These carbide-tipped metal cutting bits are durable and make quick work of track rail, producing 1-3/8" deep holes up to 1-11/16" wide.

Have a question about hole saws or annular cutters for metal? Can't find the annular cutter set or metal cutting hole saw you need? Want advice on which metal hole saw or annular cutter is right for you job? Searching for other bits or tool accessories? The pros at Ohio Power Tool can help. Give us a call at 800-242-4424 today for immediate assistance.