1/2" Drive Metric Sockets

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Impact tools save time and handle high torques with less effort and more safely. Wright Tool makes impact sockets and attachments for almost any size and drive for which they make a hand socket because no hand socket is recommended for impact gun use. Wright impact tools are stronger and tougher to withstand the repeated high loads produced by impact guns, which are often higher than can be produced by hand. Wright impact sockets are always black, not only to distinguish them from hand sockets, which are usually plated, but also to avoid the chipping which would occur if a plated socket was subjected to thousands of cycles of very high loads. Wright and other manufacturers make some black finish hand tools for specialized applications. These are not for impact use.

Wright 6 pt sockets use the patented wright drive design for greater strength and longer life. 12 pt. impact sockets with the Wright Drive design are also available

In addition, Wright makes large impact sockets which are beyond the range of hand application. These go up to 10" opening and 2-1/2" drive. The 2-1/2" drive sockets are usually driven with hydraulic power. While 1-1/2" impact guns are available, the hydraulic driver is often more convenient to use and has the advantage of controlling the amount of torque applied.

Wright Tool stocks a large assortment of impact sockets including 1-1/2" drive SAE and metric sizes through 6-1/2" and 155mm. The 2-1/2" drive sockets are custom made with prompt delivery. Also, deep sockets and sizes that are not carried can be quickly manufactured to order.

Each impact socket is designed for its drive because the drive size limits the torque that may be applied.