Air Sanders & Polishers

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Chicago Pneumatic 3" Orbital Sander 3/16" Orbit CP7255CVE-3
Chicago Pneumatic 6 Random Orbit Palm Sander Vacuum CP7255CVE
Chicago Pneumatic 6" Random Orbit Palm Sander CP7255
Chicago Pneumatic 6" Random Orbit Palm Sanders Vacuum CP7215CVE
Chicago Pneumatic Air Powered Belt Sander 3/4" x 20.5" CP9780
Chicago Pneumatic Belt Sander 3/8" x 13" Air Power CP9779
Chicago Pneumatic Dual Action Sander CP870
Chicago Pneumatic Heavy Duty Dual Piston Straight Line Sander CP7268
Chicago Pneumatic High Speed Tire Buffer CP871
Chicago Pneumatic Low Speed Tire Buffer CP873
Chicago Pneumatic Mini Disk Sander Kit CP7202D
Chicago Pneumatic Mini Pistol Disc Sander With 3" Roloc Pad CP7202
Chicago Pneumatic Mini Pistol Random Orbital Sander CP7200
Chicago Pneumatic Mini Random Orbital Sander Kit CP7200S
CS Unitec PTX 4" Bristle Wheels 46101
CS Unitec PTX 4" Cotton Buffing Wheel CS2410
CS Unitec PTX 4" Felt Sleeve 42013
CS Unitec PTX 4" Wire Wheels 47721
Ingersoll Rand Heavy Duty Air Angle Sander - 7" Pad 313A
Ingersoll Rand Heavy Duty Air Dual Action Quiet Sander - 6" Pad 311A
Ingersoll Rand Heavy Duty Air High-Speed Sander - 5" Pad 317A
Ingersoll Rand Heavy Duty Air Low-Speed Tire Buffer 327LS
Ingersoll Rand Heavy Duty Air Twin Piston Straight Line Sander 315
Ingersoll Rand Mini Polisher Kit 3129KA
Ingersoll Rand Mini Random Orbital Sander 3128KA
Ingersoll Rand Ultra Duty Air Random Orbital Sander 4151
Jet JAT-700 R8 High Speed Sander 18,000 RPM 505700
Jet JAT-710 R6 Orbital Sander 505710
Jet JAT-720 R8 Dual Action Sander 10,000 RPM 505720
Jet JAT-730 R12 5" RO Palm Sander 12,000 RPM 505730
Jet JAT-731 R12 6" RO Palm Sander 12,000 RPM 505731
Jet JAT-740 R8 7" Angle Sander 4,500 RPM 505740
Jet JAT-741 R8 7" Angle Polisher 2,500 RPM 505741
Jet JAT-750 R8 3/8" x 13" Mini Belt Sander 18,000 RPM 505750
Jet JAT-751 R8 3/4" x 20.5" Mini Belt Sander 16,000 RPM 505751
Jet JAT-752 R8 1/2" x 24" Mini Belt Sander 18,000 RPM 505752
Metabo BF18LTX90 18V Cordless Lithium-Ion Band File (Bare Tool) 600321850
Ohio Power Tool offers air sanders and polishers from several different manufacturers including Ingersoll Rand and Chicago Pneumatic. Sanders and polishers can be used for every application from heavy material removal to fine finishing.  We carry high speed tire buffers, low speed tire buffers, palm grip dual action sanders, air angle sanders, air dual action quiet sanders, straight line sander, air random orbital sanders, and mini polisher kits.