Levels and Squares

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Milwaukee 3" Pocket Level 48-22-5603
Empire 5" Pocket Level Straight 84-5
Southwire 6" Magnetic Conduit Bending Level MCBLEVEL
Milwaukee 7" Compact Billet Torpedo Level 48-22-5107
Empire True Blue 8" Magnetic Billet Torpedo Level EM71.8
Klein 8" Torpedo Billet Level Rare Earth Magnet 935RB
Empire 9" Magnetic Torpedo Level (2 Pack) EM81.9G
Empire 9" Magnetic Torpedo Level EM81.9
Empire 9" True Blue Aluminum T-Bevel 132
Milwaukee 10" Die cast Torpedo Level with 360 Degree Locking Vial 48-22-5210
Sumner 10" Accu-Level with Holster 781950
Milwaukee 14" REDSTICK Digital Level with RedLithium USB Battery MLDIG14
Empire e105 Digital 16" Box Level True Blue E105.16
Empire e75 24" Non-Magnetic Box Level True Blue E75.24
Empire em75 24" Magnetic Box Level True Blue EM75.24
Empire 24" Magnetic IBeam Level 500M.24
Empire 24" TRUE BLUE Magnetic I-Beam Level with 45° Vial EM81.24
Empire e105 Digital 24" Box Level w/Case E105.24
Empire E95 24" UltraView LED Light Non-Magnetic Box Level E95.24
Empire EM105 Digital 24" Magnetic Box Level w/ Case True Blue em105.24
Milwaukee 24" Magnetic I-Beam Level MLIBM24
Milwaukee 24" REDSTICK Box Level MLBX24
Milwaukee 24" REDSTICK Concrete Level Screed MLCON24
Milwaukee 24" REDSTICK Digital Level with RedLithium USB Battery MLDIG24
Milwaukee 24" REDSTICK Magnetic Compact Box Level MLCMM24
Milwaukee 24" REDSTICK Magnetic Level MLBXM24
Milwaukee 24" / 48" REDSTICK Compact Level Set MLCMS48
Milwaukee 32" REDSTICK Box Level MLBX32
Empire 36" Aluminum Straight Edge 403
Empire e75 48" Non-Magnetic Box Level True Blue E75.48
Empire em75 48" Magnetic Box Level True Blue EM75.48
Empire 48" Magnetic IBeam Level 500M.48
Empire e90 Series Magnum Mason Level 48" E90.48
Empire e105 Digital 48" Box Level w/Case True Blue E105.48
Empire EM105 Digital 48" Magnetic Box Level w/ Case True Blue em105.48
Empire em81 TRUE BLUE Series Magentic I-Beam Level 48" EM81.48
Milwaukee 48" Magnetic I-Beam Level MLIBM48
Milwaukee 48" REDSTICK Box Level MLBX48
Milwaukee 48" REDSTICK Concrete Level Screed EMPMLCON48
Milwaukee 48" REDSTICK Digital Level with RedLithium USB Battery MLDIG48
Milwaukee 48" REDSTICK Magnetic Box Level MLBXM48
Milwaukee 48”-78” REDSTICK Magnetic Expandable Level MLXPM78
Milwaukee REDSTICK 4-Piece Level Starter Set (24", 48", Torpedo) MLBXC48
Empire 72" Non-Magnetic IBeam Level 500.72
Milwaukee 72" REDSTICK Concrete Level Screed MLCON72
Milwaukee 78"-144" REDSTICK Expandable Level MLXP712
Empire 98" All-Purpose Cutting Guide E902
Milwaukee Pocket Level 360 Degree Locking Vial 48-22-5102
Milwaukee REDSTICK 3-Pocket 48" Level Bag (Levels Not Included) MLSB48
Crescent EX6 2-in-1 Extendable Rafter Square 6" to 12" Straight Edge LSSP6-07
Milwaukee 4-1/2" Trim Square MLSQ040
Empire 7" Rafter Square 2990
Empire True Blue Aluminum 7" Rafter Square e2994
Milwaukee 7" Magnetic Rafter Square - MLSQM070
Milwaukee Metric 180mm Rafter Square EMPMLSQ170
Empire 9" Torpedo Level and 7" Aluminum Rafter Square Combo TC10
Empire 12" TRUE BLUE Laser Etched Rafter Square E3992
Empire Heavy Duty Magnum 12" Rafter Square 3990
Sumner Aluminum Square 781921
Empire e250 Heavy Duty Combination Square 12" E250
Empire 16" x 24" Steel Framing Square 1110
Empire Professional Aluminum 16" x 24" Framing Square 1140
Empire True Blue Aluminum 16" x 24" Framing Square e1190
Milwaukee 16" x 24" Framing Square MLSQ024
Empire Professional Aluminum Drywall T-Squares 48" 418-54
Empire 8 oz. Steel Plumb Bob 908
Empire Bullseye Surface Level 3604