Jacks, Lifts & Heavy Rollers

Whether you need floor jacks, bottle jacks, jack stands, transmission jacks, engine lifts, or any other kind of portable car, truck, or motorcycle lift we can help, Ohio Power Tool has you covered. We even carry specialty jacks, like Power Team's sidewinder jacks (extremely compact with just a 3/4-inch stroke) and Norco's 50-ton bottle jacks (for large lifting jobs).

Ohio Power Tool has a wide range of professional-quality air, mechanical and hydraulic jacks and lifts. Manufactured by industry-leading brands (such as Gray, Hein-Werner, Hilman Rollers, Norco, Power Team, and Simplex), these jacking and lifting products fall into the categories below:
  • Air jacks and lifts
    • From truck air jacks, air portable end lifts, and engine cranes to air-operated wheel lifts, pit lifts, and more, the air jacking/lifting equipment available at Ohio Power Tool can handle jobs of 2.5-15 tons.
  • Heavy equipment jacks and lifts
    • These high-tonnage lifting products include wheel lift systems (for 10-20 tons), wireless portable lift systems (for 27-37 tons), air/electric 100-ton railroad jacks (24"-37"), and pump and cart module jacks (for 55-150 tons).
  • Hydraulic jacks
    • For everything from bottle jacks (for 2-100 tons) and floor jacks (for 2-35 tons) to transmission jacks (with heavy-duty, high-rise, and telescopic options) and more, you can find the hydraulic jacks you need to get the job done right – and safely.
  • Jack stands
    • Ohio Power Tool carries a wide selection of jack stands (truck air jack stands, vehicle support jack stands, forklift jack stands, pin-type jack stands, and truck ramps) that offer capacities of 3-25 tons.
  • Mechanical jacks
    • Including heavy-duty shop presses, steel lever bars, pole jacks, reel jacks, screw jacks, and several types of ratchet jacks, we offer a full line of mechanical jacks capable of lifting up to 75 tons.
  • Rollers and rigger kits
  • Wheel dollies
    • Offering features like carriage arm rollers, load levelers, and 3/4-ton capacities, our wheel dollies are perfect for your automotive jobs requiring tire rotation or alignment work.
Have a question about jacks? Can't find the hydraulic jacks, jack stands, car jacks, motorcycle jacks, or other jack/lift products you need? The pros at Ohio Power Tool can help. Give us a call today at 800-242-4424 for assistance!