Concrete & Masonry Saws

Searching for an electric, hydraulic, or pneumatic-powered concrete saw? Look no further than the wide range offered at Ohio Power Tool. Tasked with cutting through solid materials like concrete, masonry, brick, tile, and asphalt, these heavy-duty saws and saw accessories make quick work of some of the hardest substances you'll encounter on the job.

One thing to remember is that concrete saws (and similar cutting tools) produce considerable friction and heat when in use. Accordingly, blade cooling and dust reduction are often achieved with the use of wet cutting via water supplies (make sure you're using the right concrete saw blade) and ventilation systems.

Our extensive selection includes saws for cutting concrete, masonry, tile, stone, metal, and almost anything else you might need to cut. We also carry countless concrete saw blades and other heavy-duty saw blades. Here are the top-five categories of our concrete sawing tools and related products: Have question about a concrete cutting tools? Can't find the concrete saw, masonry saw, brick saw, or other cutting tool you need? Want advice on which saw to select for the material you're cutting through? The pros at Ohio Power Tool have the answers. Give us a call at 800-242-4424 today!