Industrial Electric Heaters

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Seasonal heating is important to the safety of your personnel, machinery, and materials. Getting that heat to wherever it needs to be can be achieved with the right industrial heaters. Ohio Power Tool supplies a wide range of industrial electric heaters, from very small personal use up to heavy-duty, large-area industrial heating equipment – powerful enough to increase the temperature of a 2,000-square-foot area 40 degrees in about an hour. No matter which industrial heater you choose, please pay close attention to its power requirements (larger units may need power cords, plugs, and professional installation).

The industrial heaters available at Ohio Power Tool are all manufactured by TPI, an industry leader in industrial heating and cooling solutions, and fall into the following five categories:
  • Fan-forced heaters
    • From combination radiant/fan forced heaters and milkhouse style heaters to industrial portable heaters with 4,000W-5,600W of power, these lightweight industrial heaters are perfect for smaller shops and facilities.
  • Hazardous location heaters
    • Mounted atop wheeled frames, these specialty industrial heaters for hazardous environments meet rigorous safety requirements and even come equipped with anti-static wheels.   
  • Localized in-duct heaters
    • Easily installed into existing ductwork, TPI's Hotpod line offer localized heating (and even cooling) solutions with two-stage operation and separate thermostat capabilities.
  • Salamander heaters
    • These portable electric salamanders, rated between 10 kW and 45 kW, come attached to simple wheeled frames that allow for easily relocation.
  • Heater parts and accessories
    • To keep your industrial electric heater setup functioning as efficiently and effectively as possible, Ohio Power Tool carries silent boots, hardwire and cordset packs, thermostat transmitters, and hoses/ducts.
Have a question about industrial electric space heaters? Can't find the electric industrial heaters you need? Want advice on the industrial shop heaters, industrial radiant heaters, and other industrial heating solutions that are right for you space? Give the pros at Ohio Power Tool a call at 800-242-4424. We're happy to help and may be able to get you your industrial heater in as little as one day.