Industrial Fans & Air Movers

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Makita 18V LXT Cordless 3 Speed Jobsite Fan w/AC Adaptor DCF300Z
Metabo AV18 Cordless Fan 18V 3-Speed 14" Tilt 606176850 (Bare Tool)
Milwaukee M18 Cordless 3 Speed Jobsite Fan w/AC Adaptor 0886-20
Powermatic PM1250 Micro Dust AFS 1791331
Ram Fan Plug 125V (Axial Explosion Proof) 15 Amp 2 Pole 3 Wire 60 Hz 1/2" Hub EZ-UGP15231
RamFan UB20 8" Blower/Exahust With 25' Duct ED7025
RamFan UB20XX 8" Blower/Exhaust (Axial Explosion Proof) 25' Duct EF7025
RamFan UB20XX 8" Blower/Exhaust (Axial Explosion Proof) No Duct EF7002
Shop-Air 1000 CFM Mini Air Mover Fan 1030400
Shop-Air 16" 1500 CFM Direct Drive Stainless Steel Floor Fan 1186200
Shop-Air 16" 3000 CFM Electric Air Circulator Floor Fan 1033200
Shop-Air 1800 CFM Mini Air Mover Fan 1030100
Shop-Air 24" 3800 CFM Direct Drive Stainless Steel Floor Fan 1185000
Shop-Air 30" 5000 CFM Direct Drive Stainless Steel Floor Fan 1185100
Shop-Air 36" Belt Drive Galvanized Steel Drum Fan 1184000
Shop-Air 42" 16500 CFM Belt Drive Galvanized Steel Drum Fan 1184100
Shop-Air 48" 22000 CFM Belt Drive Galvanized Steel Drum Fan 1184200
Shop-Air 500 CFM Mini Air Mover Fan 1032000
TPI 36" Evaporative Cooler Hazardous Location 2500 sqft EVAP36HAZ
TPI 48" Evaporative Cooler Hazardous Location 4000 sqft EVAP48HAZ
TPI Industrial 18" Floor Fan 1800 CFM 3 Speed F18TE
TPI Industrial 24" Floor Fan 2100 CFM 3 Speed F24TE
Wilton Water Misting Atomized Cooling Fan 30" - 8400 CFM 28900
TPI Commercial 24" Pedestal Fan 3400 CFM 3 Speed CACU24P
TPI Commercial 30" Pedestal Fan 4200 CFM 3 Speed CACU30P
Localized and seasonal cooling solutions are important to the safety of personnel and the preservation of equipment and materials. To help you meet the needs of your jobsite or shop, Ohio Power Tool carries industrial cooling fans, blowers, and air conditioning equipment and parts from Milwaukee and TPI.

Ohio Power Tool is proud to offer industrial fans and industrial air conditioning units:
  • Industrial A/C units
    • For spaces from 1,000-4,000 square feet (including options for hazardous locations), you can find 16"-48" evaporating cooling air conditioning units at Ohio Power Tool.
  • Industrial blowers
    • These portable drum fan blowers are available in sizes ranging from 36" to 42", powered by direct drive or belt drive (for hazardous locations), and come with wheels for easy relocation.
  • Industrial ceiling fans
    • For a fixed cooling option in a given room or portion of your facility, Ohio Power Tool stock 48" and 56" industrial ceiling fans.
  • Industrial floor fans
    • Offering a simple cooling solution, these industrial floor fans ranging in size from 18"-24" are lightweight and have three-speed fan settings.
  • Industrial mounted fans
    • Ohio Power Tool has industrial workstation fans not only offering three-speed fan settings but also capable of being mounted to a wall or nearby surface for localized cooling.
  • Industrial pedestal fans
    • Available in sizes from 24"-30" and powers from 1/4 HP to 1/2 HP, you can find the pedestal fan that's the right fit for your workspace.
  • Industrial fan/air conditioning unit parts
    • Need a ceiling mount kit, fan circulator head, I-beam mount, pedestal mount, pole mount, or wall mount? Find them all right here at Ohio Power Tool.
Have a question about industrial shop fans or industrial A/C units? Can't find the industrial fans you need? The pros at Ohio Power Tool are happy to help. Please give us a call at 800-242-4424 today!