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Grinder Guards & Dust Extraction

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Bosch 4" - 5" Concrete Surfacing Attachment 18SG-5E
Bosch 4.5" - 5" Dust Collection Attachment 18DC-5E
Bosch 6" Dust Collection Attachment 18DC-6E
Bosch 7" Concrete Surfacing Attachment 18SG-7
Bosch Airsweep Anti-Static Locking Hose 16.4 ft (5-meter) VAC008
Bosch Airsweep Locking Hose 16.4 ft (5-meter) VAC006
Bosch Airsweep Vacuum Dust Bags (5 Pack) VAC013
Bosch Airsweep Vacuum HEPA Filter (2 Pack) VAC019
Bosch Airsweep Vacuum Standard Filter (2 Pack) VAC012
Bosch Circular Saw Dust Extraction CSDCHUTE
Bosch Hammer Dust Collection Shroud - Chiseling HDC-D1
Bosch Jigsaw Dust Extraction JA1005
Bosch SDS-Max / Spline Chiseling Dust Collection Attachment HDC300
Bosch SDS-Max Core Bit Drilling Dust Collection Attachment (2"-6") HDC250
Bosch SDS-Max Dust Collection Attachment (1/8"-2-5/8") HDC200
Bosch SDS-Plus Dust Collection Attachment HDC100
Dustless BitBuddie 1-3/8" Drill Dust Collector & Hose D1900
Dustless BitBuddie 1-4" Drill Dust Collector & Hose D1905
Dustless BitBuddie 4-8" Drill Dust Collector & Hose D1908
Dustless CutBuddie 4"-5" Grinder Vacuum Dust Guard D1730
Dustless CutBuddie 6-9" Grinder Vacuum Dust Guard D1848
Dustless DustBuddie 5" Grinder Vacuum Dust Guard D1835
Dustless DustBuddie 7" Grinder Vacuum Dust Guard D1850
Dustless DustDroid 300 HEPA Vacuum Concrete H0030
Dustless Dustie 5" Grinder Vacuum Dust Guard D1836
Dustless Dustie 7" Grinder Vacuum Dust Guard D1854
Dustless DustPro 300 HEPA Vacuum Floor Sanding H0032
Dustless HEPA Filter Replacement 13201
Dustless HEPA Head w/Beater Bar LEAD EPA Required 13242
Dustless HEPA Pack 2.5 Gallon Vacuum Backpack 15505
Dustless Micro Pre-Filter Bags .5 microns (2 Pack) 13141
Dustless Slurry Vac 55 Gallon Top 17001
Dustless Technologies 7" CutBuddie Dust Shroud D1856
Dustless Tool-Pod Receiver Unit Tool-Sync D5252
Dustless Turbo Drywall Sander with 7' Pole 50001
Dustless Vac-Pod Transmitter Unit Tool-Sync D5250
Dustless Wet/Dry Fabric Filters Primary & Secondary 13001
Rotozip ZipMate Attachment ZM4-10
Ohio Power Tool offers products to help with the clean up at the job site, while also making it a safer environment. The concrete surfacing attachment and dust collection attachment make the air cleaner and safer for you while your working. You can also get a vacuum hose to attach to saw dust extraction units. We are constantly adding new products to our website, if you have any questions or would like to inquire about an item not listed on-line, call us at 1-800-242-4424.