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Inspection & Locating

Ohio Power Tool carries the full line of Ridgid Plumbing Equipment which includes their top of the locating and inspection tools. The Seesnake inspection equipment has become the standard for plumbers around the world and makes finding problems an exact science. There are lots of options with Seesnake setups; if you have any questions it is best to contact the professionals at Ohio Power Tool. As for locating equipment this can be a little complicated as well but the simple guideline would be: The Scout is for finding the Seesnake camera head only. The NacviTrack 2 is mainly for finding camera heads (its presets make this very simple) but also can find most other utility lines. The SR-20 is very similar to the Navitrack 2 however it is mainly for locating utility lines. The SR-60 offers several more advanced features over the SR-20 including duel line tracking.