Laser Levels

Laser levels are a necessity on the jobsite. Whether it's ensuring horizontal accuracy or keeping framing plumb, a reliable laser level saves time, effort, and (most of all) money. However, there are several different types of laser levels and laser measuring tools meant for varying tasks.

Here's are the four types of laser levels available from Ohio Power Tool and what makes each unique:
  • Dot/point laser level - Dot laser levels, also known as point laser levels, provide multidirectional laser reference points to help you find plumb and level.
  • Line laser level - Line laser levels can feature multiple intersections and even combine point and line lasers for horizontal and vertical layouts to identify plumb, level, and square.
  • Rotary laser level - Rotary laser levels feature a spinning, self-leveling laser that offers better visibility than traditional laser levels, making it perfect for nearly any location or range.
Ohio Power Tool offers a huge selection of laser levels from Bosch and Pacific Laser System (PLS). These lasers can help you plumb and align many different applications, as well as easily lay out right angles and establish diagonals and footings. We carry rotary lasers, line lasers, and dot lasers, allowing you to choose for maximum efficiency depending on whether you're dealing with an interior or exterior job, and the type of application you're dealing with. In addition to our huge selection of laser levels, we also have other laser measurement tools, including laser detectors, total stations and GPS (digital theodolites), laser angle and distance measuring tools, and laser accessories (laser enhancement glasses, tripods, grid targets, and more).

Have questions about a rotary laser level, laser measuring tool, laser detector, or similar product? Can't find the laser level or laser measurement tool you need? Contact Ohio Power Tool at 800-242-4424 for immediate assistance today.