Hydraulic Cylinders

Hydraulic Cylinders For Every Application

Hydraulic cylinders, also known as linear hydraulic motors, are mechanical actuators used frequently within machinery in the construction, manufacturing, fabrication, and civil engineering industries. They deliver unidirectional force via piston rods powered by pressurized hydraulic fluid. Some hydraulic cylinders have a single port (single-acting hydraulic cylinder), which extends the piston rod; other hydraulic cylinders have two ports (double-acting hydraulic cylinder), which extend and retract the piston rod. At Ohio Power Tool, we offer six types of single-acting hydraulic cylinders (spring return, low profile, center hole, load return, threaded end, and locking collar capable of applying anywhere from 2-1,220 tons of force) and three types of double-acting hydraulic cylinders (high cycle, low cycle, and center hole capable of applying anywhere from 10-1,220 tons of force) made by Power Team SPX and Simplex.

Here are the most common segments of hydraulic cylinders with their purposes:
  • Single-acting hydraulic cylinders have a port at one end where hydraulic fluid enters, which extends the rod by means of pressurization. These same single-acting hydraulic cylinders use gravity to return the piston rods to their original positions.
  • Double-acting hydraulic cylinders have a port at both ends, which allow for hydraulic fluid to provide pressurization for both the retraction and extension of the piston rods.
  • High-tonnage hydraulic cylinders, which can be of the single- or double-acting variety, are used to lift incredibly heavy structures (bridges, buildings, etc.) weighing thousands of pounds.
In order to select the right hydraulic cylinder for you job, there are important things to consider. What is the tonnage? What stroke length do you need? Does the hydraulic cylinder need to push, pull, or both? Will it be used for a stationary application like a shop press or mobile? Is there a speed requirement? Are there size constraints? Is the load evenly balanced? What will be the frequency of use?

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