MK Morse

The MK Morse Company’s objective is to manufacture the best metal cutting saws and saw blades on the market. Over the years, this focus has earned them a spot as a cutting tool and saw blade leader, with the quality and performance that professionals demand. During that same time frame, they've expanded their product lines to include metal cutting tools (band saws, circular saws, hole saws, and hand saws), hole boring accessories (auger bits, hole cutters, spade bits, wood bits, and step drills) as well as saw blades for band saws, circular saws, jig saws, and reciprocating saws, and much more. These metal cutting products are used daily by skilled professionals in the manufacturing, construction, and demolition industries worldwide. Ohio Power Tool carries an extensive selection of MK Morse cutting tools, which are manufactured right here in Ohio! We currently offer circular saws, circular saw blades, and a range of band saw blades from MK Morse.

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