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Greenlee D'VersiBIT 1/2" x 54" Type M 08-04-54M GR08-04-54M

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  • Greenlee
  • D'Versibits
  • Flexible steel drill bits are the right tools for installing wire or cable in existing walls
  • Makes fishing wire of cable through walls as simple as bowing the spring steel shaft and turning on the power
  • Proven in the field to deliver accurate and professional results in many applications
  • Bits range from 1/4" - 1"
  • The D'VersiBIT System makes it possible to easily accomplish even complex installations
  • Attaches a quality drill bit to a long flexible spring steel shaft
  • Type M bits are made for drilling in masonry walls and through plaster
  • Recommended for use with abrasion shield to reduce friction and abrasion as the shaft turns against masonry
diversibit flexible auger bit

diversibit flexible auger bit

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