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diamond products rescue blade

Product Information

  • Diamond Products
  • A to Z Specialty Blade
  • Vacuum bonded technology adheres diamonds to the gullets of the blade
  • Great for rescue and emergency situations
  • Cuts a wide range of materials
  • Holes in the "segments" help with cooling while cutting metal and other heat generating materials
  • A2Z Materials - A-Asphalt, B-Bullet proof glass, C-Concrete, D-Ductile, E-Emergency Applications, F-Fire/Rescue, Fiberglass, G-Gutters, H-Hard aggregate, I-Iron, J-Jasper, K-Kerzantite, L-Limestone, M-Metal roofs, N-Nickel, O-Overlay asphalt/concrete, P-PVC/Plastic, Q-Quartzite, R-Roof Tile, S-Steel, T-Tempered Glass, U-Utility Work Applications, V-Vent Pipe, W-Weatherstrip, X-Xenolith rock, Y-Yuksporite, Z-Z-bar flashing

Diamond Products A2Z Specialty Blade 14" X 1.25 - 1" Arbor 21571



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