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Hilman Rollers Kit

Product Information

  • Hilman Rollers FT Series
  • FT Kits are an alternative to the ERS Series Kits and offer a choice between Padded and Diamond tops.
  • FT Rollers have the swivel tops built-in to the roller frame.
  • FT Kits get two-part, knock-down style handles
  • FT Series Riggers Kits have capacities from 15-Tons to 200-Tons
  • Swivel Diamond Top Rollers 3.75 Tons - 5" x 5-3/4" x 10-1/2" - 34 lbs
  • Includes: (4) 3.75-SLD Rollers, (2) KDH48F Handles, (1) KB-D2 Kit Box

Hilman Rollers 15 Ton FT Deluxe Riggers Kit 4 Diamond Swivals KRS-15-SLD


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