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Dustless HEPA Filter Replacement 13201

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  • This replacement HEPA filter can be used one of two ways. If you use it as a replacement on a Dustless HEPA Vacuum that was factory certified, your vacuum will retain its certification which is important when doing work under OSHS and NIOSH guidelines. Without certification, an inspector can shut your operation down. If, however, you are using this filter to convert a standard Dustless Wet Dry Vacuum to a HEPA unit, it will not be certified. It WILL provide far superior filtration down to .3 microns, but it won't pass inspection on the job site
  • We also recommend using an optional disposable Micro-Prefilter in conjunction with a HEPA filter to extend it's life. The Micro-Prefilter is very economical and captures airborne particles down to .5 microns. That's amazingly close to the .3 micron level of the HEPA filter. That means the lower cost Micro-Prefilter captures the vast majority of dust, dirt and debris, leaving the HEPA filter to capture only the finest particles. The Micro-Prefilter can greatly extend the life of your HEPA filter.
  • Micro-Prefilter 2 Pack - 13141
Dustless Filter HEPA

Dustless Filter HEPA

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