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Dustless CutBuddie 6-9" Grinder Vacuum Dust Guard D1848

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  • Dustless 6" - 9" CutBuddie
  • The CutBuddie is simply the best dust collection system you can find for hand grinders. Durable, unobtrusive, easy to install and reliable. Installation is quick and simple. Adjust the set screws in the universal adapter, slip it on the grinder and tighten the band clamp, and you’re ready to go! It is an ideal tool for renovation contractors who have to use point-of-origin dust collection tools to comply with EPA regulations covering lead paint removal.
  • Unlike awkward metal shrouds, the CutBuddie is sleek and see-through so it does not interfere with operator visibility. What could be more important when performing intricate cuts in important projects. Pros know the right tools gives them the edge and that’s why they choose CutBuddie more than any other dust collection shroud. The sleek, see-through design enables Pros to deliver more precise, higher quality work. That’s why you’ll see Pros using the CutBuddie on commercial and high-end residential construction projects across the country.
  • Meet EPA requirements for lead paint removal on renovation projects. Renovation contractors seeking to get certified by the EPA to perform renovation work on projects that involve lead paint removal are required to use "point-of-origin" a dust control shroud on hand grinders like the CutBuddie, along with a HEPA vacuum. The Dustless HEPA Vacuum uses a certified HEPA filter. Traditional shop vacuums retrofitted with off-the-shelf HEPA filters are not certified and can result in large fines. The Dustless HEPA Vacuum is also priced to be affordable to independent contractors.
Dustless Grinder Cutting Guard

Dustless Grinder Cutting Guard

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